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Significance of Dubizzle Clone Script

The Dubizzle clone php script is a highly sophisticated php based product that will enable a buyer to set up his own classified web portal similar to Dubizzle. The product is well equipped with technical functionality and advanced features. With the help of this script anyone will be able to set up a classified website within minutes.

Product Overview

The script has some key features like easy integration, a well-designed and attractive interface, code modification capability and well-developed interface usability. Besides these there is lot more other features such as bookmarking and share listing, automated payments. It is developed with 100% source codes and license file for each domain. The software will match with your business model and it will provide you with all the necessary tools and reliability.

It is easy to install and easy to manage. The product can be easily modified to meet the key business needs. Support and upgrade available around the clock. It has been designed and developed according to the present market demand. There is a strong back end dashboard which will help an admin to control and run the site at any time of the day or night. Hence, the Dubizzle clone script comes with a lot of customization features that can provide a turnkey solution for beginner/internet start-ups. No coding knowledge is required because the software is a complete package and has been built with incorporated tools to satisfy the growing business needs of a buyer.

Home/Home Page Features:

AD Details:

  • Registration and login page.
  • Registration and login via facebook.
  • Varification account via e-mail.
  • Ads listing pages.
  • Ad details page.
  • Related ads in details page.
  • Contact ad publisher by ad contact form.
  • General information page.
  • Registered member’s page.
  • Change site language with one click.
  • My account page.
  • Edit your account  with change email and password.
  • Deactivation of your account with one click.

Types of users: We assume that there are 3 types of users, mainly


  • Administrator (admin panel)
  • Members
  • Site visitors
  • List of my posted ads.
  • Edit your ads.
  • Delete your ads.
  • List of  my favorite ads.
  • List of  my save search.
  • Basic Search by country ,city ,area, category ,subcategory.
  • Dynamic Extra filed in search and post ads for  subcategory wise.
  • Advance searching functionality for the user to search the items they are looking for.
  • Contact information with contact form. So that visitors can send an email to site admin for more information.
  • Post multiple ads.
  • Multiple image upload option.
  • Google map intregation for select exact location.
  • Make your ads feature and listing to top.
  • Email notification for post and new enquery of  your ad.
  • Social media share.
  • Common pages for your website like terms and conditions ,privacy policy etc.

Backend Features

Back End Features:

Members Features:

  • Login: We will create separate page for the administrator login. Admin will be able to login with a username and password.
  • Dashboard: Here, admin will be able to view the list of all the modules (like: category, pages, change password, members, ads etc.) in graphical interface.
  • Pages: Here, admin will get the list of all the static pages and by clicking any of them will show the detailed information for that page. Admin will be able to update the information as and when requires for the pages.
  • Category Management: Here, admin will find the list of all the categories and by clicking any of them will show the detail information. Admin will be able to add new categories by providing the necessary information or update the existing ones.
  • Sub Category Management: Here, admin will find the list of all the sub-categories with an option to update the information of existing ones as well as add new ones.
  • Foreach subcategory admin can add or update extra field as per subcategory.
  • City Management: From this section of admin panel. Admin will be able to add new state or update the list of existing ones.
  • Area Management: Here, admin will be able to manage the city for the website. With an option to update the information of the existing one or add new one by providing necessary information.
  • Registered Members Management: Here, admin will find the list of all the registered users and by clicking any of them will show the detail information of the users. Admin will be able to update the information of the existing ones.
  • Existing Ads Management: Here, admin will find the list of all the ads listed and by clicking any of them will show the detailed information for the same.
  • New Ads Management: Here, admin will find the list for all the ads listing request submitted by the members who wants to list their ads in the website frontend.
  • Google Ads Management: Here, admin will find the list of google ads with an option to manage these ads by sub categories of the website. 
  • Enquiry Management: Here, admin will find the list of all enquires submitted from the frontend of the website and by clicking any of them will show the detail information of that particular enquiry.
  • Ad posting option to set ad will be post with login or without login(can be intregated).
  • Feature Option: Admin can set multiple feature with duration and price.
  • Mail Template: admin can update all mail template for post ads , register email template etc.
  •  Transaction Management: List of all transaction process by user.admin can view all the payment details.
  • Language Editor: admin can edit the specific language name by selecting language.
  • Badword filter: you can set bad keyword and prevent those keyword in the post ads description.
  • Ip block: Admin can add specific ip to block .aslo admin can see the number of time user came to the site and block.Easily unblock all the ip with one click or remove specific ip from block list.
  • Banner Management: Here, admin will find the list of all the available banners with an option to updated the existing one or upload new slider banner image.
  • Site Management: From this section admin will be able to manage the basic information of the site. You can set the social media link and intregate to your site.
  • Paypal id can be set from site setting.
  • Admin mail  setting: From site setting admin can set any email as contact mail address.
  • Registration: From this section visitor will be able to register in the website to view secure pages and post ads in the website. Register with facebook option is also available.Registration varification by email address.
  • Login: From this section members will be able to login into the system with a unique username and password to enter in a secure section with more options.
  • Login by facebook: User can login via facebook.
  • Post ads: Member can post multiple ads with multiple image.
  • Save search: Member can save his/her search result .
  • Add to favorite: Member can add any ad as favorite.
  • My Account: Here, members will find the information regarding his/ her profile with an option to update the same. Also find an option to change his/ her password option.
  • My Ads : From this section members will be able to manage the existing ads in the website and by clicking will show the detailed information for the same. Also member can edit delete his/her ads .
  • Favorite ads: From this section members member will get list of his/her favorite ads and member can remove it from the list.
  • List of saved search: Member can get all the saved search result and also able to go direct to the search result and aslo can delete the saved search.
  • Notifications: Member will be notify by email in his /her email address provided in the registration . Notifiaction about new post ,forgot password,new contact of his/her ads etc.
  • Static Page: Members will be able to view other business pages as well as different informative pages and contact to the site admin for more information.
  • Account Close: Member can deactivate his/her account any time by click on the deactivate my account.
  • Logout: From this option member will signout form the secure area.

Dubizzle Marketplace Front End Member Login Credential

Dubizzle Marketplace Software has been designed integrating all possible features and security issues. Before purchase, please get a view of the front end & backend demo and details features list of this product.

Front End Member login details:

Send a request to get admin login Contact Us

In order to install Education Website in your system, the atmosphere should meet the support with following technical basics:

  1. Apache version 2.0 or higher with mod_rewrite module enabled (allow override option should be set to the all value for the installation directory).
  2. PHP 5.2.6 or higher with disabled safe_mode and open_basedir restrictions.
  3. MySQL version 4.1 or higher. Version 5.x is recommended.
  4. CURL PHP library.
  5. Mcrypt PHP library.
  6. Latest Version Ioncube Installed
  7. Minimum recommended memory available for PHP: 128 Mb
  8. Our technical support team is ready to give you installation and post installation support. Please feel free to mail us: support@leadingsoftwares.com

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We have weekly reporting system – Where the team leaders of the respective projects will update about the status and progress of the projects.You can check the work and submit your feedback there – Our respective team member will get your feedback in their mail and report system message board.For any kind of consultation you are free to talk with our project leader and with me at anytime support@leadingsoftwares.com.